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Cosmetology – Rode Hospital

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Multispecialist Hospital In Dighi, Pune.
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Facials are meant to cleanse and deeply moisturize the sensitive skin of the face. Through your cosmetology program, you likely learned how to prepare and apply a number of different types of facials and how to customize them to your client. For example, a client suffering from acne might be interested in an acne-clearing facial specially formulated to cleanse their skin from blemishes. here, rode hospital which is best General Hospital In Dighi also providing this treatment.

Acne Clearing Facials

Acne-specific facials often need to be applied in several applications, such as three-five visits. While your client may want to see results after just one application, you’ll need to remind them that any acne treatment, including over-the-counter creams and face washes, are meant to cleanse the skin over a period of time, not just one treatment. Facials target blackheads and whiteheads, and you’ll use a small extraction tool to remove blackheads around the face area.

Anti-Aging Facials

Other clients might seek facial treatments to fight off aging skin and wrinkles. In this case, you might offer them an oxygenated or collagen treatment. Oxygen treatment is a stream of high-pressure oxygen which is mixed with essential oils and vitamins to brighten and lift the skin. A collagen facial saturates the skin with collagen, the most abundant protein in our bodies, which is responsible for clear, youthful-looking skin.



The body wrap may come in many different forms—a moisturizing balm infused with essential oils, an herbal treatment, or a mud therapy wrap. These can be combined with moisturizing balms and creams in order to more deeply penetrate the skin.


Skin polishing is the salon term for exfoliating the skin. Whether your client just in polishing services to your clients:

  • Body Polish
  • Sea Salt Scrub
  • Brown Sugar Scrub

You’ll want to recommend that your clients drink plenty of water before beginning the body polish—hydrated skin is happy skin! Hydrated skin will more easily recover from the exfoliation process and have a healthy glow.

Heard about skin polishing in General Hospital In Dighi has been receiving the salon treatment for years, it’s important that you’re able to offer the latest techniques.

As our culture becomes more aware of the chemicals that are all around us—in the food we eat, transmitted by air pollution, and even the beauty products we use—detoxification treatments have become more popular. Skin polishing is a way to cleanse your clients’ skin of all the dead cells on the surface and provide a clean, glowing finish.

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